Video Interview With Allan Aguirre Of Men As Trees Walking

On August 31st, 2010, I had the privilege of interviewing renown Christian alternative music legend Allan Aguirre. Allan is best known for his time fronting the groundbreaking band Scaterd Few, but is currently leading a unique new music project called Men As Trees Walking. In this two-part interview, Allan discusses the meaning of the band’s name, the formation of the group, the band’s latest album, “1518” and current tour.

Unfortunately, due to an issue with my camera, a very integral portion of the interview was lost. So there may be a small continuity issue during the center section of the interview, and I’d like to apologize to both Allan and the viewers for that. However, I was able to still record a great deal of interesting insight and information from Allan.

Allan, the other members of Men As Trees Walking, and Allan’s brother Omar Domkus were all very gracious with their time. I’d like to thank all of them for taking the time to allow me to do the interview. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Allan and Men As Trees Walking.

Part One:

Part Two:




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