Be Awkward, Be Strange… But at Least Be Real

I saw a sponsored post on Instagram today from someone trying way too hard to put forward an image that came across as really inauthentic. It was another reminder of how beautiful it has been getting older, getting more comfortable in my own skin, caring a whole lot less about what other people think, and flat owning exactly who and what I am.

I am admittedly awkward, way too enthusiastic about some really nerdy stuff, and probably the polar opposite of what most of society considers cool. Some people have even recently alluded to and outright pointed to those facts. I don’t care, and it’s incredibly liberating.

I am a giant nerd. But what I am not is a person trying to be, or trying to appear to be, someone or something I am not. That nonsense is exhausting and a waste of time. Life is way too short for that.

Own it. Live it. Be who and what you are.


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