My Nootropic Supplement Stack

I recently sent the following information to someone in an email. I thought that others might be interested in it as well.

“This has worked extremely well for me. Every day at work sometime between 9 and 10:30 a.m., I have the following combination:

caffeine anhydrous
choline citrate

It’s hard to say the exact dosage of each that I use, as I have gotten to the point where I can eyeball it based on past measurements. Obviously, the quantities vary greatly between each substance. As you know, whereas you can be pretty generous with the L-tyrosine and piracetam, a little bit of caffeine is plenty. The vinpocetine is capped, so I know the exact amount of that I use. If I had to estimate, I’d put the quantities at:

sulbutiamine (600mg)
caffeine anhydrous (250mg)
L-tyrosine (1 gram)
piracetam (1 gram)
choline citrate (between 750mg and a gram)
vinpocetine (5mg)

These are fairly high amounts, and I have worked my way up slowly, stopping at this amount a while ago. Granted, you’d want to start lower on pretty much everything on there to find your range.

This is the foulest tasting concoction on earth. People think bulk piracetam powder is bitter. They haven’t seen anything until they’ve added the sulbutiamine to the mix. It smells like crushed up aspirin. It tastes like pure evil. Fortunately, I mix all this in a very small quantity of water (less than 8oz) and drink it down very quickly. The sulbutiamine bitterness lingers, though, so I usually have something afterward to get rid of the taste. At work, a can of V-8 seems to be doing the trick.

The effect of all this is actually rather profound for me. You know Huxley’s quote about the doors of perception being cleansed? Precisely. A warm clarity comes on fairly rapidly, yet it doesn’t cross the border into manic nor is it that hyper-focused feeling that borders on zoned out. I’ve had a couple supplements that do the latter to me. No thanks. There’s a point where enough focus on a project crosses over to way too much and it’s distracting. This mix doesn’t do that, for me at least. It just makes me feel like, well, like I think I should feel like all the time. It’s a very balanced, alert (but again, not hyper-alert), confident, and somewhat ambitious feeling. I’ve found great success with this combo over time, adjusting as needed. Earlier on, I added and subtracted substances from the mix to find precisely what I was looking for. This is it.

I buy all of these in bulk from an online retailer called Bulk Nutrition that can be found at I’ve had great success dealing with them both in terms of price, quality, and shipping.

As with anything supplement related, your mileage may vary.”




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