It occurred to me a while back that I was spending too much time on social networking sites. Granted, there is a value to such places. They allow one to keep in touch with a wide spectrum of people who are divided by a number of boundaries, the geographic ones often being the most significant. But these sites lend themselves to an echoing of content and ideas. It no longer becomes a matter coming up with something original and worthwhile. It turns into an issue of who can be the first share the latest thing they happened to run into.

I recently realized that, after a lifetime of creating original content, I’ve spent the last two years reposting things that other people made. It didn’t matter how quickly I was on the scene, I was a parrot reciting words that someone else taught me. Here was the kid who started his own magazine/comic book back in 5th grade, ran a BBS at age 13, and asked for a filing cabinet for a birthday present at 14 putting himself neutral and shrugging. Granted, some of it is worth passing along, but there’s a point where it becomes an negative routine.



“Deconstruction” – Photo art by S. Watson (2011)


Silverladder the community has long meant something to me and continues to get even better, but Silverladder the site turned into a junkyard of electronic skeletons. Some of them aged reasonably well and still manage to get a steady influx of visitors, like a theme park run by zombies. Others have that feel of a bad 80’s answering machine that turns up at a swap meet next to a plasma clinic: you feel kind of strange even being close enough to look.

So today I made changes to Silverladder. I’ve felt disconnected from the previous content I’ve created, yet I didn’t want to delete it, as it’s still linked from several places on the internet and it still serves a purpose. But that old content is too vast and too scattered for me to try to keep tabs on it, let alone expand it. Therefore, I split Silverladder into two simple sections: Current and Archive. The archive is everything created prior to 7/18/11. The current site is everything beyond that date. For now it is a blog, but that blog incorporates Tweets, YouTube videos, and Flickr photo posts. Soon the current incarnation of Silverladder will expand beyond this sole section, yet it will remain clean, manageable, and most importantly, inspired.



  1. Indeed, Shane, it is good at certain points in life to take stock and reinvent oneself as it were. All the best as you explore different pathways and discover new avenues of self-expression… and ultimately I believe you will see how the newer enhances and culminates the earlier.

    • Thanks, Rich. I too expect good results from these changes. The site had stagnated to the point in recent years that I didn’t feel motivated to work on it or create new content. The compartmentalizing of “current” and “archive” allowed my overly picky, perfectionist mind to start moving forward again. In addition to actively writing again, I’m planning on doing a whole lot more photography and creating a lot more original videos.

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