“I Thought I Was Bored.”

In my prior blog entry, I posted a video of a Palo Verde beetle that I found in my driveway. The video, hosted on YouTube, swiftly received a good number of views. The quickly-rising view count was no surprise to me, as I had mentioned the video on Facebook, Google Plus, and Reddit.

One viewer in particular opted to post a comment on the video, which he or she later deleted. The comment said, “And I thought I was bored!” I found the comment interesting.

The comment seemed to suggest that, by stopping to take a video of a Palo Verde beetle and uploading it to the internet, I apparently was bored or couldn’t find something better to do. What’s funny is that it’s quite the opposite. I was anything but bored. I am anything but bored, and that’s precisely why I took the video.

Life is fascinating to me. The little things that go on around me all day long amaze me. I’ve never lost interest in watching a lizard on a fence or staring up at clouds while my mind finds images in them. People watching is highly entertaining, whether at a close range or a distance. From far enough away, the city looks like a giant electric ant farm.

That’s just it: I’m not bored. I’m never bored. I’m constantly looking, constantly watching, constantly seeking and asking questions. I’m always absorbing new information or learning something or stumbling across something I hadn’t seen before. Show and tell didn’t end in kindergarten for me. Until the day I die I will constantly be sharing things that I find interesting. It’s almost as if that trait’s somehow hardwired within me.

You could put me in an empty room and I wouldn’t be bored. Soon enough I’d be singing or performing a monologue or designing a game within my mind that incorporated the dimensions of the room. I’d begin reciting poems, remembering stories I’d been told, and start laughing about memories of things my uncle Larry said. Sometimes I’d sit still. Sometimes I’d move at a frantic pace. But I’d never be bored.

No, my friend. I certainly wasn’t bored when I took the video of the beetle. I was anything but bored. =)



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