“Here Be Monsters” (Semi-Abstract Painting)

On 7/26/11 at 3 A.M., I grabbed a 22×30″ canvas (the largest I’ve ever attempted to work with) out of the closet, set up some drop cloths, and picked out a variety of brushes. A tube of “violet dark” paint immediately stood out to me, so I went with it. What was originally a firework explosion of abstract lines near the lower right quadrant of the canvas ended up taking something of a shape after a while and was later enhanced by a surrounding of iridescent pearl paint. Unfortunately, no matter how I set the lighting or what kind of flash I did or did not use, the camera failed to catch the radiance of the pearl and the depth of the violet. This looks a whole lot more black than it really is. I fully intend on getting better shots of it soon in order to correctly represent the colors.



The painting feels somewhat incomplete to me, but I have been urged to leave it as it is by those who know far more than I do about studio art. They’re probably right. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist. This piece from the past is a prime example: http://silverladder.com/art/noperfecttrees.htm I spent several hours spread out over several years, messing around with that painting before finally calling it done.


  1. I really love this, well because of my great love for anything octopus related, but also because I love the graphic nature of it. I really wish I could see the richness of the colors so that I can better appreciate the it. But otherwise, I find it to be quite a jolly painting! 🙂

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