Ranting Against Warner Music Group (Video Blog)

In this video blog, I discuss the utter stupidity of Warner Music Group’s approach to getting videos containing their artists’ music pulled from YouTube and Google Video. Rather than embracing change and finding a way to make it work for them, Warner Music Group, and many others in the recording industry, are doing everything in their power to resist it, and are alienating many long time music fans in the process. This started years ago with the RIAA and their move to stop Napster. The latest in this progression is the move by WMG and other labels to get videos deleted off of YouTube and Google Video for even including a small clip of copyrighted music.

You’d think the industry as a whole would have taken notice of Radiohead’s success with the non-traditional marketing and distribution of “In Rainbows,” but no. The dinosaurs are still too busy fighting against change to stop long enough to consider how to make it actually work for them. The internet isn’t going away, fellas. Time to adapt or become extinct.





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