Thrice: Live at the Marquee Theatre (Tempe, AZ) – 10/1/2011



Thoughts on tonight’s show, in brief list form:

1. Wow. Yeah… wow.

2. If you’re not familiar with Thrice, skip down to item #11.

3. I haven’t sweated like that at a show since I saw Fugazi. I’ve missed it.

4. The band was on, and the crowd responded in kind. It was nice to see an audience return an amount of energy to the band that was equal to what the band was putting out from the stage.

5. Here is tonight’s setlist:

6. The fact that they played “Circles” was a huge (and very cool) surprise. Singing along with that was amazing.

7. Speaking of surprises, a couple songs before Thrice finished, lead singer Dustin Kensrue hinted that he would be playing an acoustic set in the parking lot after the show. He wasn’t kidding. We sat five feet away while he played the bonus acoustic set, watching him play on a tiny makeshift stage, as trains passed by in the distance. Only a handful of the crowd who showed up for Thrice made it out for this bonus show. Those who passed up the opportunity truly missed out. Hearing those who stuck around singing “Pistol” along with Dustin was one of those amazing moments that I’ll remember for a very long time.

8. During the acoustic set, he talked about an organization called Invisible Children. Check it out at

9. After a full concert fronting Thrice and a bonus acoustic set in the parking lot, Dustin still stuck around to make sure everyone who wanted a handshake, hug, photo, autograph, or even something more important, got one.

9.5 (Yes, nine and a half) – Eric and I ran into some fellow Thrice fans after the show who couldn’t get a cab to come pick them up at the venue and drive them to their hotel in Tempe. So we gave them a ride back to their hotel. Well, I guess I should technically say Eric gave them a ride back to their hotel, while I entertained two of them in the back of the truck with my trademark rambling. Nice meeting you guys. Safe travels back to Sierra Vista!

10. Watching Eric Jacomet hold the door for countless people multiple times with no expectation of even a “thank you” in return made me think about the last being first and the first being last, and reminded me of the many reasons I am thankful to count him as a friend.

11. For the uninitiated, here is a Thrice song and a track from Dustin Kensrue’s solo album:


Thrice – “Words in the Water” (live)


Dustin Kensrue – “Please Come Home”




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