A Dream That A Friend Had About Me

From an email I received on 6/6/09:

“Alright, so I had a dream about you last night. You know how in dreams you’re convinced, even after questioning whether it’s real or you’re just dreaming, that something actually happened? Well, last night I was convinced that I first saw you on an MTV show called “Silverladder TV.”

What I remembered was you, with a Henry Rollins-esque army shirt, black cargo shorts, and Doc Martens, but with that Ian Curtis parted haircut that you had back in that old high school picture of you that you put up on Facebook. It was like you hosted in from one of those cast-iron looking sets MTV used to use for shows like “120 Minutes” and “Alternative Nation.”

At the point in my dream where I identified that this happened, I guess I realized what was going on and began to convince you to actually make the show. It was like, “Okay, 30 minutes. We show some videos, have some skits, interview someone, maybe a cooking segment. Really simple.” I’m sure it was all some weird amalgamation of memories like you working for M2 and Silverladder in general.

Regardless, I thought I’d share. It’s be a cool idea, huh?

P.S. I purposely left out the part about the restaurant attached to your house that was filled with punk rock types with tattoos and shitty attitudes working the kitchen. That’s a whole other enterprise all together.”

So, MTV aside, I’m thinking that we should make this happen. What do you say?



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