My Video From the October 2011 MG Shooters “Big Sandy” Shoot in Arizona

From October 27th to the 30th, I took part in the largest machine gun shoot in the United States. My dad and cousins have been going to the “Big Sandy” shoot since 2006. After a few years of missing the event for no good reason, I finally made it there myself. It was nothing short of amazing.

While 21 minutes long, this video is still only a very small sample of this event. The camera can’t bring you the concussion of the tank firing, the heat from the muzzle blasts, or the smell of the gunpowder. It also can’t show you the very cool camaraderie that goes on during the event. What is normally a vacant chunk of private land in the high desert of western AZ transforms into an instant town of sorts when Big Sandy is happening. And while the citizens are heavily armed, they’re incredibly friendly and helpful.

Among the firearms I shot during the event were various AR-15s (including a full-auto one with a 100-round magazine), an AK-47, a Romanian PSL, a 50 caliber single shot bolt action rifle, a MAC-10, and a belt-fed 1919A4 machine gun. I also launched a ton of flares (including smoke flares and parachute flares of various colors).



And if you don’t have time for the full 21-minute vid, this 10-second clip will tell you plenty:



More information:




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