My New Flashy Brindle Best Friend (A Rescue Boxer We Adopted Today)

An angel has landed at our house.

Our new dog has been given a name that we had never discussed but automatically came up. I didn’t even consciously realize I was calling her by the name, until someone responded to me saying it to the dog. As soon as I started interacting with her, I started calling her “Angel,” even though I knew she was named “Phyllis” by the boxer rescue people. I felt Angel was more fitting, especially because she absolutely is one. Her disposition is so sweet, and she did so well on the car ride home.

She seems so well adjusted. She’s a petite boxer (in terms of frame size), but they think she’s full grown, estimating her age at 1.5 to 2 years. She was a stray someone found. So we now own Angel (middle name “Roo” like kangaroo) Dog Watson. She practically named herself. She is a little furry angel. Like every other boxer I have dealt with, she is a seemingly infinite source of love.

(For those not familiar with boxers, “flashy” means the dog has patches of white. Brindle is the Bengal tiger stripe markings.)



Boxer Luv Rescue is where we adopted both Angel and Coffee from. Coffee was our prior boxer who we had for eight years and unfortunately had to have euthanized on August 5th due to advanced lung and spleen cancer. Losing her was genuinely the most difficult thing I have ever been through, and it continues to be, as it hasn’t been very long since we had to let her go. I still mourn over her loss. But we decided that we didn’t want to put off adopting a new dog due to the fact that boxers bring us so much joy and our household is a very loving place for a boxer to live. To quote someone who watched us with our dog, it’s “like a boxer winning the dog lottery.”

There are numerous dogs waiting to be adopted at Boxer Luv Rescue and other rescue agencies all around the country. If boxers aren’t your thing, chances are there is a breed-specific rescue near you that caters to the type of dog that suits you best. If not, your local humane society will have a wide variety of dogs to choose from, all who would love to have a home where they will be taken care of and treated well.

Due to the recession and the subsequent housing problems in this country, the number of dogs in shelters and rescues is currently around double what it is usually at. Why buy a dog from a breeder or pet store, when chances are there is a wonderful dog (of the breed of your choice) at a shelter or rescue agency not far from you that would like nothing more than to be given a “forever home” and taken care of? Likewise, why breed a dog during times like this? As adorable as puppies are, there is a surplus of unwanted dogs in this country. Dogs are being euthanized at an unprecedented rate in the United States. Please consider adopting, rescuing, or fostering a dog.




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