This Afternoon’s Dream (High-Rise Condo)

After I finished watching the Ravens-Chargers game on TV this afternoon, I fell asleep with Angel Dog taking up the spot next to me on the bed. I quickly began dreaming. The following is what I can recall from the dream.

Chrystal and I were living in some sort of high-rise condo. I guess calling it a condo fails to do it justice and doesn’t speak of how epic the living space was. It was an entire floor (the second or third) of a giant high rise building. I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of place there, having been used to living in a house in the suburbs.

The place was vast and my mind created room after room in the dream. Detailing it all here would require me writing a work the size of “War and Peace,” so I’ll keep it basic and brief. It had a very wide open feel to it and a very modern look. The rooms were decorated sparsely but well, and looked like pages from an IKEA catalog. I recall the hallways and many areas where I walked having tile, more like the tile that would be in an office building than the tile that would be in a residence. In fact the feel of the place was that of somewhere that had been converted to a living space after having previously been used for something else.

I wandered around for a while, going from room to room, glancing in from the hallway, but not necessarily going in to each of them. Many of the rooms didn’t necessarily have traditional doorways, but opened up fully into the hallway. I remember thinking that this was where I lived, but it felt very foreign to me and somewhat intimidating. There was a feeling throughout the dream of having been removed from what was familiar to me and placed somewhere strange.

I then “woke up” inside my dream, to find myself in what was (being used as) the master bedroom. Chrystal was still asleep. Angel Dog was with us, and I recall not wanting to let her out of the room (this one did have a door that closed) into the rest of the place because we owned two other dogs that we had not introduced her to yet. I remember dreading getting her used to the other dogs. I wondered why we ended up getting multiple dogs and wished we had stuck with just one.

My laptop was in an area that had a built in desk and reminded me of the areas in hospitals where they have terminals set up for guests to use the internet. I wanted to get my laptop and take it elsewhere in the condo to do some work, as not to disturb Chrystal while she was sleeping. I turned around and noticed we had a mini fridge next to the bed, which I had previously forgotten about. I wanted to grab a drink out of the fridge to take with me, but didn’t remember what we had in it.

When I opened it up, I noticed a large container of strawberries that we had purchased the night we had moved in (apparently a while back). I was happy to discover it and decided to have some of the strawberries. I took the large plastic container out and noticed that the strawberries had begun to mold. I opened the fridge again to put them back, and the entire interior of the fridge was now taken up by a large plant that we had received from someone as a housewarming gift. The plant had continue to grow (vertically) while in the fridge and had bloomed a large floral portion at the top that reminded me of a Hawaiian plant my Uncle Don brought me from Maui years ago when he came to visit. The plant had grown too tall for the size of the fridge, but the fridge now had a whole separate top portion with another door. I opened it. The rest of the plant (completely in bloom) was in the top of the fridge.

I don’t recall leaving the bedroom, but the next room I looked at was at the very end of the hallway, and therefore, the end of our whole floor. It was a very industrial looking laundry room. This one also had a proper doorway and door. We hadn’t moved a washer and dryer in yet, so the room was still very open. There was a very large industrial sink with two separate sides two it. Above the sink, there was some kind of work station or storage unit mounted on the wall. To the side of the sink, well across the room from me, was a water spout coming out of the wall about six feet high on the wall. Below it was a wide open tiled space on the floor, with a large floor drain in the center of it. I remember liking the room and thinking that such a work space was nice to have in a condo. It was the closest thing I could have to a garage or shed while being stuck inside an otherwise modern building in the city.

This is all I can remember about the dream.




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