So, I Broke My Index Finger On Thanksgiving Night (Video Blog)

Like the title says, I broke the index finger on my right hand last night. In fact, according to the ER doctor who treated me and reviewed my x-rays, I fractured it quite badly. I saw the x-rays myself and, while I didn’t finish medical school (okay, so I didn’t start), even I could get a clear picture of what a number I did on my hand. And all this from tripping in the dark and catching my full weight on my index finger on the edge of a chair in the living room. The best part? I make my living typing (as part of my own freelance web design and internet marketing/promotions/SEO business). And not only am I right handed, I am ridiculously right handed. My left hand might as well be a crab claw.

Oh well, at least I got a semi-amusing video out of the deal. The ER staff told me I was the “most polite patient they had seen all night” and actually seemed to enjoy the fact I was documenting my epic failure for the amusement of those on the internet. I got asked about my Silverladder shirt a lot. So, SL folks, the staff at Paradise Valley Hospital’s ER says “hi.” All silliness aside, the fracture does have me a bit concerned, and I have been referred to a hand surgeon. I spent the rest of the night at home editing this video left handed to keep my mind off the bad news. Hope you enjoy. Lemonade from lemons, right? Right?





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