This Afternoon’s Dream: Living Behind a Painting


I took a nap this afternoon for a couple hours. As I frequently do during naps, I had some extremely vivid dreams.

In one of my dreams, I lived in a tiny little room. The room reminded me of the interior of a classic old Airstream trailer that my family owns. Because the room was so small, I made the most use of the vertical space in the room. There was a set of bunk beds against one wall, and a cabinet/counter combination on the other side of the room.

The room was hidden in the side of a building. The entrance to the room was hidden behind a painting that hung on the outward-facing building wall. At one point in the dream, while I was in the room, I moved the painting so I could see outside. What was previously a cityscape resembling a busy metropolitan area had since become a wide array of giant hills. The hills were covered in deep green grass, and an amazing sunset was happening behind the hills. I remember thinking that I should take a picture of it.


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