Sometimes I Do Interviews

Someone asked me this week how many interviews I’ve done over the last two years. I didn’t know the answer, but the question made me curious. I was able to a handful of them. A lot of them are no longer online. A few of them were never online to begin with.

Update – January 2016: FOX 10 has changed their entire site and many of the prior links and URLs no longer work. Therefore, the majority of the links to FOX 10 interviews are dead. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Here are the ones I could find that are still up:

FOX 10 – “Watching for warning signs; expert’s advice for parents and friends”

AZ Central – “Tempe Corona lockdown ends after student suicide”

FOX 10 – “Former addict talks about his recovery from heroin abuse in documentary”

Cronkite News – “The conversation: When, how to talk with kids about heroin, other drugs”

FOX 10 – “Heroin use: A growing problem for teens” (Link no longer works)

FOX 10 – “Glee Says Goodbye to Finn, Recovering Addict Shares Story” (Link no longer works)

AZ Central/KPNX (Phoenix Channel 12) – “Curt Schilling Fights Against Cyberbullying”

FOX 10 Newsmaker Sunday (w/John Hook)
Part (Link no longer works)
Part 2 (Link no longer works)
Part 3 (Link no longer works)

KTAR 620 AM Radio – “Phoenix man wages battle against drugs at schools”

AZ Family – “After Schilling cyber-bullying, local expert offers advice for parents”

NECN (Boston) – “Non-Profit Group to Provide Free Drug Tests for Parents”

FOX 10 – “Free Drug Test Kits for Parents” (Link no longer works)

Performer Magazine – “Hey Artists, Guess What. You’re Role Models Whether You Like it or Not”

Cronkite News – “Heroin Becomes the Drug of Choice Among a Younger Crowd”

Deseret News – “How Families Can Work Together to Fight Heroin Addiction”


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