I'll be out in the garage sawing something.

You see, when I lived at home, we had all these BIG plastic cups... lots of them. More and more of them just kept showing up all the time.

The weird thing was, though, that every single one of them had at least a few different colored pieces of narrow tape wrapped around the circumference of the cup... usually around the middle or the base. The color of the tape was almost always yellow or green, although I think I remember a few other colors showing up. My dad did that. He was the one that did it. He was constantly putting tape around these cups. Some of them had three or even four stripes around them. People would come over and visit and we'd get them a glass of water or something and they would always remark about the cups. One day I asked my dad what it was all about.

He said, "One time there was a guy that worked at a quarry... you know, the place where they mine rocks and break them down into certain sizes and such. Well, anyway, every day when this guy left work to head home, he was pushing a wheelbarrow full of sand. Every day, the quarry's security guard would stop the guy and search through the sand really thoroughly to make sure that the guy wasn't stealing anything by hiding it in the sand. Every day he'd search and find nothing, and would let the guy go home. Finally, after the guy worked at the quarry for a number of years, it came time for him to retire. As he was leaving on his last day of work, sure enough, he was pushing a wheelbarrow. The guard stopped him, searched it, and found nothing. He looked up at the guy and said, 'Level with me here. You've been doing this for years and I know you're stealing something. I just can't figure out what the heck it is. What is it?'

The man looked back at the security guard and replied, 'Wheelbarrows.'"

And that, my friends, was my father's explanation for why there were tape stripes on our cups.