they're winking at YOU, y'know?

phytonutriens and antioxidants! FOREVER, baby!

I can't live my life like this, tied to wires, strapped down to the train track, blinded by the light of a thousand TV sets. It's not time to change the channel yet. Oh, but it is. It certainly is. It's time to change the channel, turn off the TV, unplug the everything, close your eyes and SCREAM. Scream at everything they sell you. Scream at the "have you seen me" flyers you get in the mail. "Hey... I haven't seen you." Stop mailing me guilt. Stop making me pale. Stop complaining to me about your failure. If you make yourself a slave tied to everything you hate, who do you think is to blame? When you make your life a cage you can live in it. And you can sit there and shut your mouth and be the vegetable you turned yourself into. But back to the turned-off TV. Back to fake art and real art and heart attacks and overdoses and the good dying young. "NO THEY DON'T" she said as she pounded on his chest while he lay wheezing on the sidewalk outside the trendy Hollywood club. No they don't. Indeed. They live on and get FAT and OLD and do lots of endorsements for miracle products and limited edition garbage and family theme parks and all-you-can-eat restaurants. They let their belly grow as big as their bank account and then they puke on their legend. They let their suctioned fat drown everything sacred about the art they once made. They become part of the pop art fake art mass-produced cookie-cutter machine of miracle products and Las Vegas comebacks. They become a heart attack that never happened. They become 75 years-old and bored. They fall asleep during interviews. They authorize commemorative plates and figurines of themselves. They become a child's toy. They get buried in the sandbox and everyone forgets about them.

wheat and flour in the dough and bucks in the doe . . . . . . . . . .     the . t0uchthethickfunkitisu$ cannister of CS for the elderly criminal this is n0t william s. burroughs.  we did not get permission from his estate for his appearance.  maybe he will appear later illegally though.