The sun is gone, up in the sky is nothing but a big black hole.
And now all we have is the dancing silhouettes of the suns memory and the cascading light from the moon.
What happened to you and to me?
How did I get here and why are you dead.
With my sadness and your suicide patches
we seem to have sucked up the sun.
I see the sun in one eye of yours.
In the other the moon, both welcomed by a star.
I have found this amongst your ashes, I piece them together and your lips read ďthe day I launched into orbitÖ.
march 28th"

That is all I found, and the sun is still missing and I donít know where I am, maybe in a forgotten space and time, thatís what Iím hoping for.

andyoudontevenrealizeit 11:11 2012 apollyona the sword within leporidae radio shesaidhesaidisaidtheysaidiheardheshavedhishead accompanied by the doves song "words" anarchy from the mouths of hares
the target of the absurd jumping into the corona, blinded by the leap one alone IS painful to the bone gone fetal
what is color she wants her childgood back that is how i let the day go at the end of these days for the dreamer egocentric sun (son) - you made my universe this way