"The Green Rooftop Project"
by 1, 2, and 3

From the original transcripts, which were written on pieces of newspaper and notebook paper between 6/27/94 and 6/28/94.

1: Me in all my glory. Glory! Saint is a spechter. I hear sirens up above. Growling round mushroom bear.

3: Naked Lunch (Dr. Benway).

2: Rome is alone. The speam and the spot.

3: The speam and the spot went out to the kitchen, found a bowl of stew. When they ate the stew, they became something new. They ate and ate and ate (new altered state).

2: Stove was exausted.

3: They thought and thought until they realized they smocked.

2: Smocked.

3: The 4th grade art teacher wore a smock. Mystical stew. He shouldn't have done it, cause it wasn't magical and mystic stew. They ate s'mores and became someone new. "It" is all so much more than this. With "it," you don't have to piss. Radar helicopter. Police. Salesman. 2: Schmock the smack smew.

3: Ordinary whore.

End of loose sheet number one. Beginning of notepad.

3: Fresh and clean for the given sail boat. Wind for your sail boat. Schmock, schmock, schmoke. Fresh, fresh, clean... for the given sail boat.

2: If a mean man is mean, he's a mean man and knows it.

3: It will be Frankie. We can get some wind for the sail boats. It could be Frankie. It could be fresh and clean. And how much do I love you?

2: How many rocks are on my mountain?

3: How many teeth have come and gone since the existence of man and mankind? How many people have missed how many busses in how many lifetimes? How many teeth have come clean? And how many spoons could cover the earth? How many notes on a glockenspiel and opera houses have we heard?

2: It sees me and wants it.

3: Get me hotcakes from Denny's. Get me some syrup, little girl. No, go to Carl's Jr. and get me a man's breakfast with some orange juice before I kill you.

2: Mad match. My match has a hatch that opens up and gives you a new match. Match, Fletch, Fletcher. Fletcher is Letcher with half of an F in front of it.

3: In all of creation, we actually live in Omega Man.

2: I can see your nostril hairs... it's like Mr. Ed

3: A source is a source.

1: I smoked a cut. It's gone.

3: This is pretty primeval... I mean end of earth. They're cool with the Jerkeys (Jerky Boys Movie).

2: Have the cake, bake and shake. Have the cake before it goes down in the lake.
(Describing the flower she drew on her leg)... "B" backwards is him not being bad, but being away. Backwards leaf in turnaround "E" is when he comes back to me...

Hash cash mash bash dash pash, crash the hash, paid for in cash, nasty little rash paid for the cash, throw lash out hashing my dash, fast dash, das des dos mos de das (Begins conjugating Spanish verbs).


3: It's too late to worry now. If you're a vampire, the sunset is the last thing you see.

2: Why should I go to bed? I can't. Are my eyes black?

3: Yeah, but that's okay. Not in public, though.

2: Alright, chief sport boy.

1: Glory is in color, but bliss is black and white.

End of 1's notepad, beginning of 2's newspaper scribbling...

2: He went to the store and smoked, but he doesn't smoke... he's allergic. He smokes the smoke and smoths a bit. He smoked a bit of sh*t.

Toothpaste paper.

Letter bags, leather bags, feather beds, Netherlands...

$ Expensive.

Dove hunting with smocks, and smokes, with waiters.

Stew new, the dew was on the stew.

(Dove hunting with waiters).

End of first newspaper sheet, beginning of second...

2: If a man means means he is a mean man... I mean it


Could I cry, lie, die...

I, E, O, U, and Y...

The gentle boy can be mean... then he is the meaning man.

3: Woodsman's proverb... a tree is better measured fallen than risen.

4/30/03 update: 2 and 3 are no longer speaking to each other.

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i want to do some of them again.  at least once. Television NEVER lies! if you act as you think, the missing link... synchronicity also: frustration art underlies the insanity.  i miss spain.