The Q Wrestler Will Eat All Your Bum Snaps!
this is how we looked when we wrote this. this is how we wrote this when we looked like this. this is how it went.

That's Good, Let's Go. It Doesn't Matter


Now you have to do two. He did two...
Where are we going with this, like a bad Cadillac of false promises
I guess that would be me
Cruising in the black one
Oh know, don't step on me, I'm still alive
Inspired by candy
They keep telling me to keep going, because I'm doing good
But I'm not doing anything
That's good, and I know I can't stay in this cheap town forever
I have to go to bed, in separate beds
We can't be here. He's here. We need to be somewhere else.

This is it. Listen to it.
It's the sound, trust me.
I've heard it before

Sipping your drink while you stop to drift
Maybe down, as the squirrels seem to be looking at you
2 A.M. advice from rodents on the lawn
Down down down down
You just keep staring at the screen
I need to contribute
More more.
I can't take the pressure. I don't even know why they're listening when I talk.
They pat me on the head like a little kid. Like the head of a pin
A kid named pin. A kid named Pin Dream
Making the bad man stop
Making the process halt.
I'm afraid to say anything
I'm afraid to do good
I'm afraid to be sleepy
Down down down down
Head down

Back to the screen. Back to the drink.
Back to the brink of candy
The bears and squirrels

wh0? wh02, but same.