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Video feedback is a simple way to produce hypnotizing video effects at home, with minimal costs. You will need a TV set, a video camera and a cord. Plug VIDEO OUT on the camera into VIDEO IN on the TV set. Point the camera at the TV screen to create a loop (feedback). It is as simple as that!

Bring the TV set brightness way down, contrast high. Zoom the camera in so that the *image* of the screen shown on the TV set is about the same size as the screen itself (in other words, aspect ratio close to 1:1). Rotations of the camera about the viewing axis are desirable, else you just get a blob that is hard to stabilize. It is very good to have a tripode. Turn off all the automatic features on the TV and camera. Try messing with the color, focus, zoom, iris, phase etc. Reflections of light on the glass surface of the screen will trigger amazing developments! Poking objects into the loop is also fun.

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Oh, this mesmerizing vision of non-linear, self-organizing pattern formation!

Mathematically, Video Feedback is a non-linear 2D map iterated at very high speed (60 Hz). It is a fractal. The very definition of fractals includes the word 'feedback'. Researching fractals has lead me to the chaos theory, entropy, equilibrium, hurricanes, tornadoes, the great red spot on jupiter, and a very abstract way of understanding the universe.

Video feedback is a fruitful pastime which awakens interesting thoughts and reflections. I would even say that this is just another way to reach a higher state of consciousness. :) I discovered video feedback the same time I was visiting Egyptian mawalid (sufi celebrations) with a VHS camera. This is not a coincidence for it was then, that I began "meddling in the affairs of Infinity".

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