I have my commerce knife to your thoat, customer. $$$$$$$$$$ yes, this is the RIGHT one

I am many guises. I am disguised. I believe in electricity. I believe in cheap cosmetics. I believe in television. I believe in the best quality plastic money can buy. I believe in the finest meats and cheeses. I feel the same feelings as you. I am plugged in to your feelings. I am your cable TV. I am the network of your health. I am 400 different veins feeling everything you want. I am your favorite charity. I want to dance for you. I want to be your small swimming pool. I am the well-being of your family. I am an extra coin of change in your pocket at the end of the day. I desire more for you. Buy more. Buy and be happy. You are a true patriot. You are a helper of the cause. You are my addiction and I am your cure. I am an ounce of prevention. I am a pound of sugar to help fix everything that is wrong. I will hold on to the antenna until your reception is good.

tripping out whil3 taking car3 of busin3ss (band on the run)