HeavyMetol: hey pete how are you doing today ready for finals?
PeteEsmile: I am getting there; I dont think I will ever be ready for finals..how about you?
HeavyMetol: i am just drinking a lot of tequila and peeing on the rug
PeteEsmile: Really.......sounds like the party I had last night.
HeavyMetol: I am the party man. i drink more beer than Horacio
HeavyMetol: i live in the apartments where do you live
PeteEsmile: Do you go to school?
PeteEsmile: Here?
HeavyMetol: where do you have your wild parties. i am a sophomore
PeteEsmile: Oh really; I go there too; and I dont knwo where I have my parties
HeavyMetol: i have my parties in the lobby of the theater
PeteEsmile: Do you really??
HeavyMetol: dude i passed out during the last play and one time in chapel i threw up in a girls hair
PeteEsmile: Ouch.
HeavyMetol: i go to every class blitzed. are you a baseball player?
PeteEsmile: Nope; But I room with a lot of golfers.
HeavyMetol: i am on the bowling team
HeavyMetol: do you know derek
HeavyMetol: he is the party man
PeteEsmile: Yup;
PeteEsmile: There is no such thing as teh Bowling team..who the hec is this?
HeavyMetol: i lived in bright angel with him. he was a mack
HeavyMetol: i started my own bowling team so i could drink more beer
PeteEsmile: Whats your name?
HeavyMetol: Doug
HeavyMetol: what year are you?
HeavyMetol: you ever eat the worm in a bottle of tequila. i have just got to the bottom and and i am gonna eat the work
HeavyMetol: worm
HeavyMetol: dude come to the apartments, we're having a kegger tonigght
PeteEsmile: Hey; I live in the Apartments; how did you find me?
HeavyMetol: by stubling around drunk and throwing up off of my balcony.
PeteEsmile: Humm.
HeavyMetol: man... my stereo is so loud. camn you hear it?
PeteEsmile: Hold on.
PeteEsmile: turn it up
PeteEsmile: Whats your last name?
HeavyMetol: I am listening to the Beastie Boys
HeavyMetol: my last name is Glenn
HeavyMetol: Intergalactic Planetary
HeavyMetol: wow... what classes do you have? all my classes suck
PeteEsmile: How come your name is not in the Directory.
HeavyMetol: Because I just transferred from Loyola
HeavyMetol: Man, my roommate just passed out cold on the kitchen table
HeavyMetol: do you know Doughboy?
HeavyMetol: did you?
HeavyMetol: did you know MArk?
HeavyMetol: Did you know Brennan Mapes?
HeavyMetol: Did you know Scott or Thor?
HeavyMetol: Thor is the pee master
PeteEsmile: Mark who?
HeavyMetol: Mark
HeavyMetol: how much tequila can you drink?
PeteEsmile: Dont think I know him
HeavyMetol: I left a bottle of gin in the bathroom inside fleming yesterday. I hope no one took it
PeteEsmile: Are you kidding me
HeavyMetol: no, but it was mostly empty
HeavyMetol: It was good gin though...
HeavyMetol: we were making gin & tonics out when we had a barbeque yesterday
HeavyMetol: we have a band called the CornMatics
HeavyMetol: I do vocals... I scream like a screaming punk singer guy
HeavyMetol: AAAAAAARrrrgrrghrghgrgrhgrgggghhghhhhh
HeavyMetol: Hey hey hey, nothing like an Arizona tan, eh?
PeteEsmile: Yup
PeteEsmile: So; how did you find me online?
HeavyMetol: My friend Angie thinks you're hot
HeavyMetol: but she's a tramp... stay away
PeteEsmile: Is your name Doug
HeavyMetol: dude, how long have you been at Canyon? my name is Doug Glenn...
HeavyMetol: tell Derek that we should pee on an RA'
HeavyMetol: s door again
PeteEsmile: LOL; thats awsome.
PeteEsmile: OK; well; I am just begining to beleive you.
HeavyMetol: ok, well... I am just beginning to get bent
HeavyMetol: Man, like 8 of my friends are gonna be here in an hour
PeteEsmile: No way
HeavyMetol: Tim is already passed out... what a pansy
PeteEsmile: Really what apt. number is it?
HeavyMetol: What one are you in? Are you close?
PeteEsmile: I dont know; I live in the Apt.
HeavyMetol: ASU chicks are hot
HeavyMetol: I live by Michelle... she's a babe
PeteEsmile: Michelle; ...what other roomates does she have.
HeavyMetol: we're almost out of beer... the people getting here will have a lot more beer. Dude, what year are you? How old are you?
HeavyMetol: Michelle's friend is hot
PeteEsmile: I am 22 and a jUnior.
HeavyMetol: Dude, what do you look like? What classes do you have in Fleming on MWF?
HeavyMetol: Man, where did the CD player go?
HeavyMetol: Do you look like Nat?