Birds in the satellite temple
Invaders, terror, chemicals
Attacking with savage grace
All the memories this place
Had once before...
Before I opened the door

Funeral dances
And ancient philosophy dead
Ride in circles toward the future
You were
Looking down on this scene from space
We reached long ago
On another TV show

Planets aligned
Comets and Cupid
Allegorical watercolor paintings
Drooling flower in this desert
Kaleidoscope dreams
And wishing on a blue crow feather
We made the world fake

Link to a virtue
One fine piece of later
As you enter the essence
And look to a dream

Open your eyes

Storm tunnel
Funnel to the sun
Space eggs travel
Tiny planet
Lost in fractals
Man's interest in plastic
Diamonds line the halls
Tumbling something
Tiled like man
Turned to stone
Forced to fly
In hostile skies
Glass butterfly
Riding through silent lightning
Scenes of mystery on the hill
Bats and fog fill the screen

Until it all ends on the other side

Every all
Something now
And then
It goes back
To the playing of the pieces
World secrets released
Rain forest sun
Perfect pine
Nineteen fifty trees
Above a park
At daytime
In the dark we went
Under the leaves
Over the hill

Glass snake
In a sea of umbrella waste
Flowing like hummingbird sunshine
A vase
Of sugar

Through the canyon like a bird
Unheard flight
The past again occurred
The world ends and you heard