a photo opportunity with the pope of chili town

The Chief: I stand.

Me: I can sit for you.

The Chief: Where your sad pillow runs.

Me: I can sit with you.

The Chief: You want truth.

Me: I gave up my teeth for rock and roll.

The Chief: For human flesh.

Me: And the rock and a mystery train.

The Chief: Human heart.

Me: On a paper motel, we're living with heartbreak.

The Chief: I want to know that he makes it.

(At this point, the women sing)

(At this point, I sing again)

(At this point, there is a guitar solo)

(At this point, the women sing about the hotel)

(At this point, I start screaming like the lead singer of a hair band)

(At this point, the women sing like a gospel choir)

(At this point, it fades out)

is it so elemental?