The Why:

To save lives and change lives for the better

To equip you with the tools, knowledge, resources, and inspiration to help you and those you love not just survive but thrive

To help individuals, families, and communities overcome mental and behavioral health challenges

The How:

By leveraging

11 years professional experience in the field of mental and behavioral health

11 years parenting experience

12 years in recovery from alcoholism and addiction

20 years personal experience facing and overcoming mental and behavioral health challenges

The What:

Mental health and wellness education presentations

Peer support consultation for those in recovery or looking to be in recovery

Family support consultation for those with loved ones in recovery or active addiction

Consulting, guidance, and support for those facing mental or behavioral health challenges

Advocacy for policies, programs, and societal change that benefits individuals and communities

Content (blogs, vlogs, podcast, social media posts) designed to educate and inspire on the topic of mental health and wellness

The Who:

Shane Watson is a public speaker, recovery consultant, and mental health educator who has spent 11 years working in the field of mental and behavioral health and wellness. He’s performed over 600 speaking engagements at schools, corporations, community groups, and conferences throughout the U.S., and has done more than 100 local and national media interviews including appearances on the Today Show, Good Day New York, PBS, and Kansas City Live. Shane speaks on topics including addiction and recovery, suicide prevention and intervention, depression, healthy technology use, bullying, substance use prevention and more. As a professional, a parent, and an individual 12 years in recovery from addiction and alcoholism, he is passionate about using his experience to help others thrive and succeed.

Questions? Concerns? Want to book a presentation? Email: Contact @ Silverladder.com

  1. Hey Shane, nice to “meet” you. I just stumbled across your blog and had to comment on the ENFJ typing – I’m an INFJ – there aren’t many E/I NFJs out there, so it’s cool to come across one, especially one who can relate to struggles with addiction. Looking forward to checking our more of your blog.

    • Faith,

      Nice to meet you as well. Thank you for the comment. Indeed, I don’t run into too many other *NFJs out there. Did you find the blog through my recent feature on the Recovery Revolution?

  2. Hi,

    My name is Paul Fuhr – I’m a writer who’s currently helping Anna David (www.annadavid.com) with a project. She’s named your blog as one of the very best sources for powerful, insightful recovery writing out there. In fact, Anna would like to spotlight/feature your blog. Could you provide me a few sentences on why you started your blog, what it means to you and (perhaps) what you’ve gotten out of it since you started it?

    If you could shoot me your thoughts in the next week, I’d really appreciate it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Paul Fuhr

  3. Hey Shane,
    I have an odd question. Did you run this blog around 2002/3? For an English Assignment in 7th grade, I had to memorize a poem and read it to our class. Somewhere in the crevices of my brain, twenty years later, I woke up and pulled out “Silver Ladder.” I believe the poem was called Every Little Bit. Do you remember if this is a poem you’d written? If so, I’d love to read it again. Assuming you check this blog at some point between now and forever. Anyway, thanks for sharing your creativity with the world. Hope all’s well.

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