Sunrise Over the 68

Sunrise on the 68 near Golden Valley

This morning on the 68 through Golden Valley (on the way back from Nevada), this painted sky greeted me as my iPod played on shuffle. The randomly-selected music seemed to pair perfectly with the scenery.

By the time I arrived in Wikieup, my phone alerted me to the following email feedback to our organization from the principal to whose school I presented yesterday (and subsequently posted about last night):

“Shane should be the presenter at all your subject offerings. He’s relatable, he’s enthusiastic, he’s engaging, he appreciates the kids and the adults the same, and you can really tell he cares about the words/wisdom he’s sharing.”

Between the music, the view, and the kind words, today started the way I wish all days did.

“No barking from the dog, no smog…”


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