Parent Presentation Feedback

“Shane was the best presenter I’ve heard in over a decade.  Engaging, knowledgeable, passionate.”

“I’m amazed at the amount of information in such a small amount of time.  Absolutely wonderful presentation.  Lots of ideas to implement with my 16-year-old daughter.  Many thanks.” 

“I liked how the serious message was still full of hope.”

“Honest.  Knows from experience.  Very relatable.  Very easy to understand.  I appreciate all the information.”

“So well done.  Shane was thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject area and presented facts, data, and real-world examples.  Every parent should hear this presentation.”

“Great info! I’ve been a child and family therapist for 15 years and I’ve worked in addiction, and I STILL learned new information.”

“Shane is very knowledgeable and a wonderful presenter.”

“So passionate about the subject and kept my attention the entire time. Great speech!  I feel inspired to step up and help!”

“Shane showed how much he cares about saving these kids’ lives and helping families.”

“You opened all of our eyes to the stresses and dangers that our kids are really facing.  We had the best interaction and conversation with our daughter afterward that we have had in years. We are very grateful for your professional presentation and insight. Thanks a million”

“He definitely knows the ins and outs of teenagers.  One of the best presentations I’ve heard on this topic.”

“He explained the science of addiction so very well, maintained my interest, and the presentation was loaded with useful information including helpful tips and a plan for action. 5/5.  I will share this info with others.”

“It was perfect. Shane presented the topic very well.”

“We want to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing.  By speaking truth and sharing your story, you are saving lives.”

“Very dynamic and applicable.”

“Shane has fantastic knowledge. Very informative.”

“Great presentation. Very inspiring.”

“Shane’s story was extremely powerful and touched my wife and I.”

“I loved Shane’s story.”

“All of the information was excellent! The presenter did an excellent job with delivering the information. All the tools provided are very helpful. Easy, resourceful material. Thank you for all the work you do! It can be used to save lives.”

“Powerful. Meaningful.”

“Shane is an excellent and very clear presenter.  My husband and I will definitely get on the same page about the issues now that we attended together.”

“Super engaging, well-spoken, passionate, and real.”

“He handled the audience questions with kindness and wisdom.”

“Great presenter.  I can’t say enough about his communications skills.  Thank you so much.”

“High-energy presenter.”

“Honest. Knows from experience. Very relatable and very easy to understand.  I appreciate all the information.”

“Honest and real. Helpful information to utilize right away.”

“An engaging expert.”

“Shane was very open and relatable.  He is someone I respect due to his inspiring story and honesty.”

“Personable, funny, and unbelievably knowledgeable.”

“His background and credibility are spot on.  I appreciate his genuine concern.”

“Was very impressed with Shane and his knowledge and his personal experience. Very engaging, excellent speaker.”

“Very well done! Great info and easy to connect with.”

“Impressive, well-spoken presenter.  He knew the topic and gave an excellent presentation.”

“Shane kept the energy level up and was very informative.”

“Fantastic! Great delivery. Knowledgeable.  Fast paced.”

“I was impressed with Shane in terms of the material and professionalism.”

“Engaging speaker and good projection of voice.  Pace was good in order to convey a lot of information in a short period.”

“Honesty. To the point. No fluff.”

“Passionate and motivating speaker. Current information.”

“Great real life examples and tools.  Great presenter.”

“Phenomenal and effective presenter.”

“Great speaker. Extremely knowledgeable.”

“Shane was authentic.”

“It was flawless.”

“I enjoyed this presentation so much.  I would encourage you to try to come back and speak to us parents on more topics in the future.”

“Clear, concise, easy to listen to. Professional.”

“Shared from the heart.  Excellent speaker!”

“Articulate, informative, interesting, funny, and engaging.”

“Great presenter.  Consolidated a lot of info for a limited period of time.”

“Very informative, very passionate speaker.”

“Authoritative, articulate speaker.”

“An incredible amount of information in a short period of time.”

“Informative, fast-paced, very interesting.”

“He was very down to earth and interacted with the audience. He explained and used friendly terminology that made it easy to understand along with visual examples. Great Job!”

“Great and practical presentation.”

“Shane’s a wealth of information.”

“I really appreciate that the educator is someone who has dealt with the issue. Shared personal stories are key. Great, informative, easy to follow.”

“Excellent presentation!”

“Passion for the topic.  He was very thorough!”

“Thorough.  Good, detailed info.  Shane was articulate.”

“Excellent presented. Fast pace. Kept my attention throughout.”

“The whole presentation was great! Shane is a great presenter.”

“I’m a pharmacist and I think this presentation was fabulous.  Excellent knowledge and insight into substances and teen behaviors.  Shane was great!”

“Fantastic!  The personal story was impactful.  Thank you.”

“Shane was very well-spoken and honest.  Engaging.”

“It was an incredible, informative conversation. Relatable, clear, informative.”

“Shane is EXCELLENT.  Second presentation I have seen him present.”

“Very engaging, personable, and informative without being confusing or overwhelming.”

“Shane is a dynamic, professional, articulate presenter.  I feel more informed.”

“Clarity. Factual, empirically based information. Clear, concise information told by someone in recovery.”

“Really informative and knowledgeable.  He kept us listening and grabbed our attention. Very well presented.  100%.”

“Shane did a phenomenal job.”

“Shane was very knowledgeable and a great presenter.  I appreciated all of the statistics and real-life stories.”

“Great speaker, great delivery.”

“Shane was very realistic and gave great examples to help us understand.”

“The presentation was wonderful.  Passionate.  I learned some good strategies and real-life information, ones I will apply to my family.”

“Excellent, dynamic, and personal.”

“Excellent presenter, clear and concise.  Detailed info on wide-ranging topics, all of which are relevant.”

“Personal testimony gave me hope.”

“I like how Shane likened things to his own experiences, which made it real.”

“Moving presentation.  Appreciated the information.”

“His energy helped to instill more of the information.  I didn’t get overwhelmed.”

“Clear and engaging.  Information was very relevant and useful.”

“In one hour he covered a range of topics and primary metrics. He cared about the topic and was passionate about helping.”

“Clear, no hype, real stories, compassionate, interesting, respectful.”

“Shane presented himself truthfully with a touch of humor, holding my attention.  He was very informative.”

“Excellent speaker. Clear, knowledgeable, and personable.  Great use of personal experience to connect to his audience.  Very, very good.  A+++”

“Shane was really good: well-informed, aware, and focused.”

“Excellent presentation.  Personal stories, a lot of information.  Very engaging speaker.”

“Very deep, passionate, and caring.  Inspiring and reminds me of how much influence I have as a parent.”

“His positive outlook makes me feel empowered.”

“Background knowledge and life lessons, not just book knowledge.”

“Fully equipped with the skills in presenting topics like this.  Very informative!”

“Professional, clear, organized.”

“Excellent communicator. Truly enjoyed the presentation.  The information will be helpful as a grandparent and teacher.”

“Great stats.  Very knowledgeable presenter.”

“Shane is an extremely effective speaker.”

“Precise, direct speaker.  Empathetic.  Excellent.  Thank you Shane!”

“I liked Shane’s straight-up candor and practical recommendations.”

“Very compelling.”

“Positive attitude of hope.”

“Mr. Watson was captivating and knowledgeable.”

“Great, succinct, and honest information presented in an easy to understand and passionate manner.”

“Shane was great! I can tell that he truly cares about what he does.”

“Loved the level of detail.”

“An engaging presenter who legitimized his position with experience.”

“Great speaker, great message.”

“Very easy to follow and knew all about the subject.”

“As a parent, I am able to understand more about substance abuse. Great workshop! Very informative.”

“I liked Shane’s mastery of the material.”

“Fun personality and important info.  Very informative speaker!”

“Presented it very well with great energy and kept us involved and interested.”

“Informative and inspiring to be involved and be proactive.”

“I appreciated and I am so grateful that Shane shared his personal story.  It makes it very real to meet someone who was a good student/involved in sports and to hear his story of addiction and how he got started.  Thank you Shane!”

“Very informative and energetic.”

“Relaxed, humorous, well prepared.”

“Excellent presenter. Could not have anyone better.”

“Very informative. Opened my eyes. Excellent presentation!”

“Shane’s passion for the topic really shows.”

“Clear, easily heard, very passionate about the topic.”

“Shane is a great, charismatic presenter. Such great, specific info.”

“Shane was phenomenal! Wow! I learned a lot!”

“Shane was an excellent presenter.  So much information was presented and good advice given.”

“Well spoken, factual, thorough.”


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