School Presentation Feedback

“Shane has done a remarkable job each and every time he has made a presentation at our school.  He is always on time and ready in the morning to begin, and sets up the minute he walks into the room.  Shane is friendly and professional.  He greets everyone and is willing to stop his presentation to answer questions.  Parents and staff are happy to have him in our school. Kudos to Shane.”

“Shane is awesome! The students and the staff loved him and his approach! Lots of great comments from the students and staff.”

“Shane absolutely gave the message we wanted our students to hear. His honest, direct approach reeled the students in, and the presentation was so successful.”

“Shane is fantastic!  Best presenter we have had, and they are all great.”

“Shane, I need to thank you again.  People are still talking about how impactful your story is.”

“Shane is an excellent presenter.  He did a great job of keeping it personal with the families that came.  I learned a lot as well.”

“Shane did an excellent job.  He was fact-paced, informative, and kept everyone engaged.”

“Shane has been our favorite speaker so far.  He did a great job of sharing his story with enough detail to keep the students engaged, yet appropriate for their age level.  Several students talked afterward about the impact Shane’s story had on them.”

“Shane was an amazing presenter who really related to the students and kept them engaged throughout the presentation.”

“We would like to extend our enormous appreciation in sharing your personal story of drug addiction and the wealth of information regarding substance use. The impact you made on our boys is invaluable.  The discussions are continuing in many homes because of your passion regarding this subject.  Honestly, you are the best speaker we have ever listened to and we thank you very much.”

“Shane was able to speak and share his story to the high school and junior high students.  Everyone walked away feeling they had heard a strong message.  Teachers were all very impressed.  He was a terrific presenter.”

“This was the first time I heard Shane tell his personal story.  The audience was immediately connected to him.  It was powerful.”

“Shane did a wonderful job of engaging all the students in the presentation by asking questions and throwing humor in, when appropriate. All of the information was age appropriate and thought provoking. There was a minor interruption when a few students had to leave for a volleyball and tennis match toward the end of the presentation, but Shane didn’t skip a beat.  This was a very well executed presentation.  Thank you so much.”

“I can’t thank you enough for a fabulous presentation.  Everyone says it’s been the best meeting that we’ve had thus far.”


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